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How Can Hardwood Double Glazing Benefit Your Property

As home solutions progress with technological advancements it can feel as though you have to sacrifice traditional elegance. UPVC windows are becoming increasingly more popular but fall short of interior design excellence. The solution for your home could be hardwood double glazing, which combines modern energy efficiency with period designs.


Read on to learn more about what double glazing is, and how hardwood can enhance its benefits. We’ll touch on the uses of hardwood doors, which can be installed with window panes for fantastic front door solutions. This article will also discuss the designs and uses of timber sash windows. Finally, we’ll cover how our team at London Sash Windows & Doors can help you achieve your dream hardwood home.

hardwood double glazing

What is hardwood double glazing?

Hardwood double glazing is a great energy-efficient way to keep your home warm. It’s therefore important to know what both terms mean before considering them for your home. In this section, we cover what double glazing is and what it does, as well as what hardwood means and its benefits.


Double Glazing Definition

Double glazing refers to windows with two panes of glass, rather than the historical one pane only. What having two panes means is that there is space for an insulating gas to be stored in between. This gas helps ensure the cold air stays out of your home, and the warm air stays in.


The energy needed to keep a home warm is significantly different when comparing single panes to double-glazed windows. For single-pane windows, heat escapes easily, resulting in a constant battle to keep a space warm. Double-glazed windows, on the other hand, allow heat to be retained in a room. It’s no wonder that double-glazing has become the standard for all newly built homes.


Single-pane windows have more issues than just increasing heating bills. The transfer of heat promotes condensation, which increases the chances of mould growing around your windows. Sound can also travel through your windows much faster with single-pane windows, which makes living near a loud public area difficult. Finally, security in your home is compromised, as single-pane windows are easily broken.



Durable and protective materials work best when building frames for delicate items. This is why hardwood is commonly used around the home, from window frames to flooring. Hardwood is strong, high-density wood, which, due to its preparation for natural conditions, is more weather-resistant than softwood. It can be stained or painted to take on a different colour too, giving a variety of design options.


How can it benefit my property?

When choosing a new design for your home, hardwood can be a great choice. Natural materials work well in any home, helping to elevate the quality of home interior design. This is not their only advantage, however. Read on for the benefits of hardwood for staple features of your home.


Hardwood Doors

With durable wood comes longevity and sturdiness. These doors can last up to 30 years with the right maintenance. They can withstand damage much better than standard softwood and are not easy to break. When used for the front door, hardwood adds a level of security that ordinary wood does not. With added locks, these doors can deter intruders from even attempting to break in.


Aesthetically, hardwood doors are timeless. They have maintained their use over centuries for a reason. Hardwood doors can be used in any room, and work fantastically with any interior design style. If you do decide to change the natural colour of a hardwood door, the surface can easily be painted or stained to transform its effect.


When your door reaches the end of its life and needs replacing, hardwood doors are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Its natural shape can be upcycled into something new, such as a bookcase, or the material itself can be accepted by a recycling company. Wood stores carbon and releases oxygen, so doors made from it are further excellent for your carbon footprint.


As natural insulators, hardwood doors are not just brilliant aesthetically. They absorb noise pollution, ensuring your home is the quiet sanctuary it should be. Additionally, they keep in heat, saving you from an expensive heating bill each month.


Hardwood Sash Windows

Easily increase your property value with the installation of hardwood sash windows. Beautiful design features of any home, these windows are great for keeping the heat in when used in conjunction with double-glazed window panes.


With hardwood sash window frames can be varnished with protecting materials to maximise their advantages. While the wood is already sturdy and durable, varnish can increase their longevity. Seeking the advice of a professional hardwood specialist is the best way to learn the best type of varnish for your needs. If you live in a particularly wet area, for example, weather-proofing varnish will enhance the protection it offers.


Timber sash windows with double-glazing are fantastic for keeping moisture out of your home. When moisture collects around your window, it provides the optimal conditions for mould to grow. Mould is notably bad for health, encouraging allergies to flare and encouraging existing respiratory conditions to get worse.


Finally, hardwood sash designs are great examples of draught-proofing windows. Sitting by windows that let in an uncomfortable amount of cool air can increase the chances of the room being cold. In period homes, the insulation may already be poor, so installing hardwood sash windows can be much better for keeping rooms warm and cosy.


What do I need else should I know?

Before getting your hardwood features installed, there are some factors to consider. In some cases, timber sash windows and hardwood doors may not be suitable for your home, or you might need to make some adjustments before arranging an installation.



If you decide to have hardwood features installed, it’s vital to know what the installation process will look like. This way, you can prepare for any changes that need to be made to your property.


You should also make sure the company you choose to do the job is FENSA-registered, to ensure your home is getting the very best and safest. FENSA is a government-authorised scheme that applies to window and door replacements. They make sure the registered company is supplying energy-efficient and approved installations, which meet building regulations.



When considering hardwood, it’s good to know what the maintenance of the material looks like. Harsh chemicals are not recommended for cleaning hardwood, as they can reduce the durability of the material. As for any liquids you do use, try to apply them sparingly as water in your wood can damage it further. Cleaning need not be complicated, so seek the advice of a specialist for tips on protecting and nurturing your woodwork.


Listed Buildings and Conservation Properties

If you live in a period building, there is a chance your property could be what’s known as listed. Listed properties have certain requirements and regulations surrounding them, which means you have to obtain the consent of your local council or other authority to have features replaced or removed.


Conservation properties, on the other hand, will be based in one of two types of conservation areas. Some conservation areas fall under Article 4 Preservation, while others do not. Those that do fall under Article 4 will need to apply for planning permission before making changes to any doors or windows. This is often more flexible than a listed building might be.


In areas that do not fall under Article 4 Preservation, you should have more freedom to change and adapt your windows and doors. As long as they are in keeping with the original design, you can upgrade these features to have modern improvements that will keep your space warm and cosy.


Where can I get hardwood home features?

FENSA-registered hardwood specialists are not the easiest to come by. Thankfully, our team at London Sash Windows & Doors can help. Our family-run business will take care of any of your hardwood needs, from replacement doors to draught-proofing and renovation services.


While listed buildings and conservation areas might put off other companies, our team specialises in taking care of jobs that need that extra care. Our hardwood sash windows and doors are manufactured in North London, ensuring we can only provide the highest quality of products. We also provide 10-year guarantees, evidencing our high customer service quality and resulting in cared-for windows and doors.


Visit our website to learn more about us and view of gallery of previous work. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for advice and additional information about our top-quality products.

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